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Our Services

    • Diabetic foot and wound care
    • Ankle fractures
    • Foot fractures
    • Athlete’s Foot
    • Bunions and hammer toes
    • Ingrown nails
    • Laser treatment for fungal nails
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Flat feet
    • Pediatric foot problems
    • Radiofrequency Therapy
    • Heel Pain
    • Curly toes fixed in the office
    • In-office surgery
    • Custom-molded orthotics
    • Separate ankle and foot fractures
    • Digital motion Xray

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Our Services

Our office specializes in podiatric disorders, diagnosis and treatment.


From routine checkups to treatments for surgery, Achilles Foot and Ankle Specialists are equipped to handle all your podiatric needs. To help you understand your options, we’ve included descriptions of some of our leading services on this page.


We are equipped to handle all your foot care needs.

Ankle Sprains

A force on the anklebones of the foot or an unnatural twisting usually causes ankle sprains. This often results in one or more ligaments on the outside of the ankle to be torn or stretched. Ankle sprains can develop into long-term problems if not properly treated.


Hammertoe is a deformity of the second, third, or fourth toe. The toe resembles a hammer because the toe is bent at the middle toe. Hammertoes can become inflexible and will require surgery if left untreated.


Calluses and corns are caused by repeated friction from skin rubbing against an irregularity in a shoe or bony areas. This results in a layer being formed by compacted, dead skin cells. Corns ordinarily form on the soles of the feet or toes.

Podiatry Treatment

The full range of foot disease is treated from general care to intensive treatment.


Bunions occur when misaligned big toe joints become swollen and tender. This causes the first joint of the big toe to slant outward and the second joint to angle toward the other toes.

Diabetes and Your Feet

With a diabetic foot, injuries are slow to heal because of decreased blood flow. So a wound as small as a blister can cause a lot of damage.

Athlete's Foot

Various types of fungi cause Athlete’s foot. These fungi are often spreads in places such as public showers or swimming pools.

Foot Care

We offer other medicinal treatment options that can help you feel more confident and healthy.

Flat Feet

This is actually a common condition, especially in infants and toddlers. The longitudinal arch is not yet developed. The arch will develop during childhood and most people will have developed normal arches by adulthood.

Heel Spurs

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis) is commonly traced to inflammation on the bottom of the foot. Our office can evaluate your arch pain and may prescribe customized shoe inserts to help relieve the pain.


A form of arthritis that occurs when defective metabolism of uric acid causes acute pain. Usually occurs in the smaller bones of the feet.

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