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February 9, 2016 Blog 0

Wearing high heels can be considered both as a sport and an art. Imagine wearing high heels all day and without breaking a sweat. The problem with high heels is that this was not designed for supporting the feet. In fact, it goes against the normal contour of the feet.

Women who wear high heels are at high risk for developing foot injuries. The toes are especially at risk because high heels shift the stress of carrying weight to the toes. But this should not discourage women from wearing high heels. With proper foot care avoiding foot injuries is possible. Even simply taking your high heels for a few minutes can give your feet that much needed break.

When pain and discomfort persists even after removing your high heels then this can already be a sign of foot injury. Consult a podiatrist for chronic foot pain. Our Doctor is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot injuries.

Regular Foot Massages

A gentle foot massage at the end of the day can help release built-up stress on the feet. It helps soothe tired and aching foot muscles. It improves blood circulation to the area. This ensures that your feet gets much needed nutrients to repair damaged cells. Pay special attention to your toes and ankles. An injury can be suspected when this become sensitive or painful to touch.

Shifting Your Center of Gravity

Wearing high heels makes you lean forward. This is evident in the added pressure to the toes as load bearing is transferred to the area. Try to correct this by shifting your center of gravity backwards and away from the toes.

Maintain Toe and Ankle Mobility

Toes and ankles may become rigid through constant wearing of high heels. Foot exercises should be done to strengthen the toes and ankles. Promote toe and ankle flexibility by performing toe bends and curls. Better foot strength helps your toes and ankles compensate for additional stress that wearing heels bring.

The best solution for preventing high heels is giving your feet a break once in a while. Whether it’s removing high heels for a few minutes at the office or shifting to foot friendly shoes once in a while.

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