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Ugly Toenail (Fungus) Laser-Medical Treatment

Ugly Toenail (Fungus) Laser-Medical Treatment Center of Excellence

Dr. Petty Foot Clinic is a Center of Excellence for diagnosing and treating Fungal, Ugly or Dystrophic Toenails. The treatment programs are custom tailored to each patient’s needs.

The facts are that Onychodystrophy can occur from one or more causes with an infection with microscopic plants called fungus being primary, secondary or uninvolved in different cases.

We have studied dystrophic toenails for over 40 years and have developed a well rounded six month program (that’s how long it takes for a toenail to be totally replaced).

The inside of the toebox of the shoe (not gymnasiums and showers) is a breeding ground for dystrophic toenails for many reasons:

    • Shoe pressure and repetitive microtrauma (RMT)
    • Excess sweating
    • Low immunity to fungal infection
    • Pre-existing Athletes Foot (The same organism as Ugly Toenails)
    • Dermatological Pathology such as Psoriasis and Melanoma
    • Bacterial infection (Green Toenails)
    • Inherited Biomechanical Pathology (Involves mostly 1st and 5th toenails)
    • Poor Habits (Toenail picking, not changing socks or shoes)
    • Poor Circulation or Poor Oxygenation of Toes

This means that a wellness based program for curing and preventing recurrence of ugly toenails, like oral plaque, must be custom, ongoing and patient based. No one laser treatment, shoe adjustment, foot orthotic, topical or oral medication or foot powder will work.

Treatment can consist of one or more of the following:
    • Laser Treatment
    • Biomechanical Treatment (Orthotics)
    • Surgery
    • Topical Medications
    • Shoe and Sizing Adjustments
    • Reducing Sweat
    • Oral Medications
    • Athletes Foot Treatment
Treatment of Dermatological Pathology (Psoriasis)

Only a Podiatry Center of Excellence like the one at Dr. Petty Foot Clinic can diagnose, conform, educate, treat and prevent recurrence of your ugly toenails.

If you have had a difficult time curing and controlling your ugly toenails in the past, an appointment at Dr. Petty Foot Clinic should be your next option.

The waiting room chairs in their reception area were so comfy, that I could have fallen asleep while waiting for my appointment to start. It made a great first impression and introduction to my wonderful experience.

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